My Unique Selling Approach

Let me explain what my unique service proposition is and how I differentiate myself from other agents in the area, translating to a better experience for my clients along with quicker and greater sale prices.

Like many, I too see most agents as the same. I look around and see the same look, the same approach, the same talk, the same style. And that’s not who I am for my clients.

I don’t believe in the factory approach to selling real estate, I don’t believe in copying our competitors, I don’t believe in doing what I do because ‘it’s always been done that way’.

I believe as the profession and technology evolves, I can break from the same and bring a new approach, a new quality of conversation, a new integration of technology and a new level of expertise – quite simply I deliver a new style of real estate, my own style through Harcourts Coastal.

I’m at the forefront of utilising innovative technology in the real estate industry, in particular in regard to the way I engage with property seekers and track their behaviour. To demonstrate this, click into any of my current properties for sale and send me an enquiry. You’ll experience a buying journey that doesn’t exist anywhere else and is one of the key factors contributing to success I achieve for my clients.